Wednesday, July 8, 2009

hockey and baseball

yesterday i played baseball and hockey. in baseball i played a pretty good game,but, it was heard in batting,because kids are playing pitcher,next game i am going to be pitcher. In hockey i played a very good game,but, i didn't get a goal my dad says i can play a not so good game and get a goal and play an excellent game and not get a goal,weird. today i had my first swimming lesson it was so fun!!! we practiced the "crawl" and lots of other stuff it was fun also.


Anonymous said...

You are having a busy summer! I'm glad you are learning how to swim. When I took swimming lessons, the stroke I liked best was the side stroke. I also liked just floating on my back and watching the sky but that was often difficult to do if there were a lot of people in the pool.
See you soon!
Grandma P

Anonymous said...

Micah and Noemi had swimming lessons today too. Micah likes going underwater, but only when he decides when to do it. He doesn't like it when the teacher says to go underwater.

Auntie Sarah